How right strategy can help you to achieve your goals !!!

Everyone needs a coach at some point of time in their career journey. There would be lot of confusion and lot of choices to choose from, so obviously you would be struggling to decide on how to move forward, sometimes even after having decades of professional experience, the dilemma would not go away.

Recently I was talking to a professional who is having 25+ years of total experience and working with a reputed but at a high position. He spent around 20+ years in the same organization. He was looking for guidance on how to make a career switch now as at this juncture he was not having many choices but still the confusion is there. I would not go into the details of the discussion I had with this person. But I would like to share the idea which I commonly suggest to people that having your goal in mind and plan and design your next steps accordingly. Aligning your actions and energy in line with your goal and working towards it regularly is the key to achieve your goal.

A small exercise can help you in having this alignment. Take a pen and paper and write down your all goals and aspirations on this paper. Then break down these long term or bigger goals into small or short term goals. Now think that what option, opportunities and resources are available to you achieve these goals. Now based on the priority and available feasible options decide on your actions which you can start taking from now onward. Set some timelines to review these actions, may be after achieving short term or small goals and change or tweak your strategy accordingly. Always remember deciding goals are good but taking appropriate actions regularly is the key to success.