Goals Are Good But… it’s about the journey.

It’s not about goals, it’s about the journey..

We always try to set some goals, run behind the goals. Spend some good amount of time and energy in chasing these goals. Sometimes running behind these goals become a ritual and we forget to enjoy the journey. It’s not about goals, it’s about the journey.

Goals are good, gives us direction and help us to align our energy and focus. Sometimes our thoughts are so overwhelmed by these goals that we don’t focus on the learning. We ignore the experience we are having in this journey to reach the goal. We feel good when we achieve the goals. But we get frustrated when we are not able to achieve these goals.

If the journey to achieve these goals is exhaustive and tiring then this frustration gets manifold. So is it really worth running behind the goals ? So what should we do ?

I think it is really important to step back and retrospect. Find out how you can start enjoying the process to reach the goals. It should not be just a tick in the box. This journey should be fulfilling and satisfying. Each day when you go to sleep, you should feel that I have done something. If you are not enjoying this journey, you are on the wrong path.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Sometimes it looks like that whatever we are trying to achieve is real success but to get to that success what we are sacrificing, that is important. It should not be the case that once we reach there, we are burned out and not able to enjoy the success for which we were running behind the whole life.

Are we running towards the future and losing present ? Are we really enjoying what we have today or are we running towards a mirage ? These are some important questions we need to ask ourselves every now and then. If we don’t get the answers, then it’s time to take a break, go a little deep inside yourself to find the answers.