How your Fears can impact your life

We all have our fears in life. Fear is something when you feel that everybody else has figured out how to handle things and you are still struggling to get things done. It keeps stopping you from stepping outside your comfort zone. It stops you from taking risks and prevents us from following our goals and dreams. There are various types of fears.


Photo on Unsplash by M.T ElGassier

1. Fear of getting judged – This is when you care too much about others. Think too much before you do something because of the fear of being judged. You don’t want to let people down. You are afraid to spoil your relationships.

2. The Rule follower – You are afraid of consequences because of breaking any rules. So, you always try to do things in the right way. You want to be compliant. You want to follow a pattern or pathway and don’t like to divert or move away from a proven path.

3. Fear of Rejection – You have a fear of getting rejected. You live on your terms. You reject people before they reject you. In other way, you are independent, motivated, and very much driven which sometimes may help in becoming successful.

4. Fear to start something – You doubt yourself. You struggle with a lot of insecurity. Somewhere subconsciously afraid of being not capable enough to do anything or achieve anything. You are always doubtful about yourself and have negative notions about things.

5. Fear of getting blamed – You always make excuses to initiate something. Always afraid to share your thoughts, want to be behind the screen as a decision maker. Always afraid to be blamed if things go wrong.

6. Fear of losing – Everything you feel like too big of a risk. You keep yourself closed and protected.

How to Overcome Your Fears

If you have any of these fears, it is normal to have such fears. These all are happening in your subconscious. You can always do something about these fears.

  1. The first thing is getting aware of your fears. Know and understand your fears.
  2. Every journey starts with a small step. Overcoming your fears is also a journey which will start with small step. Have courage to take the first step and small step. Face the fear, instead of running from it. For example if you have fear for driving, you don’t want to drive. Try doing it for small distance. Start with driving 15-30 mins. Do it every day. Tell yourself that it is just 15 mins and it will be over.
  3. It is just taking the first tiny step and the next tiny step after that. The journey would be easy after that.