One Day Outing – Pyramid Valley, Bangalore

Currently kids summer vacations are going on. There are quite good places to visit near Bangalore. Some places are in so near proximity that we can plan for a day outing. There is a place called Pyramid Valley, around 45 km from Bangalore. This place is on Kanakpura road. It is a big meditation pyramid, called Maitreya Buddha Pyramid’, surrounded by nature. So, we thought to visit this place last week.

It was Sunday, and whether was kind of pleasant. We started from home around 12 pm and reached Pyramid Valley around 1.30 pm. This place is having free lunch facility for all. It is called ‘Nitya Annadana Seva’. The timing is till 2 pm. We directly went to the area where lunch was being served. It was a big hall with seating capacity of around 100 people.

At the start of the hall there were counters from you can take the food and sit there on table chairs. The food quality was good. It was simple food only, having rice, sambar, one beetroot curry, pickle, and butter milk. We had our lunch and after finishing it, there was a system to wash your own plate. Before that you need to clean it, need to throw all the waste in dustbin. So, idea is not to waste food and clean your own plate after finishing lunch.

After having lunch, we directly went to the Pyramid. This pyramid occupies area of 160’ x160’ and is 102 ft. tall. It is a big meditation pyramid. At base of this pyramid, there is big hall, having chairs and sitting facility at floor. It can accommodate around 5,000 people at a time. People can sit there and meditate. Before going inside, we had to take off our shoes.

In the middle of this hall, there was a four-floor statue kind of with stairs. At top floor there is some sitting arrangement. People who want to meditate just below the tip of pyramid, can sit there, and meditate. As it is believed that below the tip of pyramid you would be more focused and can meditate better, hence this statue was created and arrangements were done to make people sit there. It was a quiet place, and lot of people were there in the hall sitting and meditating. 

After coming out of this pyramid, we went to a shop below. There is a trust which runs this shop. There various kind of merchandise like craft items, books and toys for kids were available for sale. We came out of this and went to explore this place. This place was completely between the nature. There was lot of greenery, and the trust which takes care of this place, have maintained it very well. Even they made a small lake also where people can do boating. Then there were lot of trees with good shade. We sat there for some time and got relaxed.

At around 4 pm, kids started feeling hungry again, so we went to the canteen there, where you can pay and eat. We had some light snacks there. Then went on roaming around for some more time. At 5 pm, we decided to return.

It was a nice day outing, apart from the pyramid, there were not too many places to visit in side this campus but it is an awesome place in terms of natural beauty. You will feel relax here by seeing so much greenery. So over all it was a good one-day trip. Though we visited this place in April, I think good time to visiting this place would be after the rainy season is over. There would be much more greenery and it would look more beautiful that time.

If you have also visited Pyramid Valley sometime, please share your experience in comments.