The Memorable Viva

It was the incident of my college time. We had physics viva going on. There was one external faculty came to take this viva. Though my batch was kind of mixed of students, lot of studious and lot more like me, just wanted to pass. We had one such great student Sumit. His viva came with 2 girls Suchitra and Sushma. As you can assume theirs was somewhere in lower order.

By the time their turn came, the external faculty was kind of tired. He thought to kind of change the viva questions. Thought of asking something different than the regular theory questions. So, he asked this group, started with Suchitra that how do you come to college. She said by bus. Then he asked, do you know what kind of engine a bus has. Suchitra was speechless. She never heard or thought of such question. By not getting answer from her, he asked Sushma same questions. She was also clueless.

Now it was turn of our hero. He was kind of prepare for this question by now. So, when the instructor asked him how he comes to college, he promptly replied, I walk to college. So, he asked where you stay and he replied some place. The instructor was kind of shocked. You walk from there to college every day, asked the instructor. Sumit replied, walking is my hobby sir. Now instructor was speechless as there was no further question to ask him.