Work on Your Strengths

Identify your strength and skills, work on them regularly, use them for your advantage

We all have some strengths and weaknesses. Some people are aware of this, and many are not. Those who know their strengths, where they are good at and work on that get, get success in life sooner or later. You can pick any field and see some people are really excelling there, and many are struggling. This awareness and deliberate efforts to polish those skills, that strength, make them stand apart from the crowd. So, the crux is to identify the strengths in yourself and should start working on those strengths, instead of trying to work on multiple things.


Photo by visuals on Unsplash

I remember the lesson from one of the Chemistry teachers that we always should try to work on our strengths. Whatever strong Points you have, make them stronger. Along with that, work on weaknesses also. Try to improve that also.  But make strong things stronger. You may be good in some areas and may not be good in some. Try to use your strengths for your advantages. You

It is always good to master one skill and be successful than becoming mediocre in all, struggling everywhere. This way you would not be successful anywhere. You may be there in the game, surviving, but would not be enjoying success. So, to win and enjoy the laurels you first need to have required ammunition in your armory These ammunitions are nothing but your skills, which you need to work on, polish them every day to be a strong player.

A quick way to identify your strengths is take a pen and paper write about the things which you like most doing. It may be a hobby, something related to your work. Any specific skill which you have doing good. Like you like to communicate with people, you may have good communications skill. Work more on this skill, find opportunities where you can showcase this skill, practice this skill. Become a Master of It. If you are a student, preparing for some competitive exam. There may be some subject, in which you are good, you enjoy studying this subject more than other subjects. So, make this subject stronger, try to get more scoring in this subject. Along side work on other subjects also where you are not so good but focus more on strong subjects.

We are living in highly competitive era where identifying our strengths and skills is super important. Once we know what strengths we have, next step is to continuously work on that. Try to master that skill or strength to succeed in your personal and professional life.