5 Steps to Become Better Online Writer

How language mastery, content consumption, SEO and showcasing along with writing regularly would help you to become a better online writer..

I have been writing online since last one year. It’s been a mixed experience. Few of my posts on medium and my blog doing very good. Few are like nobody wants to read them. So, it’s kind of both experiences I have. Now during last one year, I tried various things or strategies. Few worked, few did not work. Here I would like to discuss some key learnings which helping me to become a better online writer. Basically, it’s a journey, your journey can be different from mine but still I am trying to share my learnings hoping these will help somebody.

Online Writer

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So, I have divided these learnings in various steps. These are not sequential; all can go simultaneously.

Command over Language (For me it is English)

Command over language is an important factor to become a good writer. Usually, this command or mastery will take time and effort. It can be any language which you chose to write. Mastering it would need consistency and perseverance. It’s all about understanding the meanings of words, having rich vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure.

Consume a lot of content

Then second thing is good content which would come through consuming content that is reading, listening podcast/audio books, watching videos, and talking to people, and doing different things. The more you consume, the better your language and content would be.

Learn and Practice SEO

SEO is all about how your post would rank on search. There are algorithms which would pick your article/blog based on various parameters like tags, key words/phrases, headings, readability, images, etc. Try to learn and implement SEO parameters. You can find lot of online tutorials/YouTube videos on SEO. The more SEO friendly your post would be there are better chances of getting it ranked in search results and getting more people it in their search.

Showcase work

Writing quality content is essential but showcasing it on social media platforms is also important.

You need to make your work visible to the world. You need to make sure that your writing is reaching to the intended consumers. Just producing is not enough, it should be consumed also. This lesson I learned from one of my mentors. So, use social media platforms effectively to advertise your work appropriately.

Write, Write and Write

Finally, writing daily is a must step to become a better writer. Write a lot. Practice is the only way to master the craft. Make notes while reading, prepare outline and then start filling in there slowly. Start small, write one page initially, then increase it.

The strategy I have is –

  • Write on one topic at a time. Focus on it completely. Do good research on that, make notes, have outline for your blog and then write. Review it multiple times, make it SEO friendly and then publish,
  • Share it to various groups, multiple platforms Like FB twitter, telegraph groups, medium and LinkedIn. So make sure to advertise it properly.
  • Make sure that you content consumption i.e. reading, listening and other consumption is aligned with what you are planning to write. This is only way to have quality content and hopefully things would move faster also. There should be regularity in terms of publishing online.

 So, to summarize here are 5 steps/ways which will help you become better online writer.

  • Master the Language
  • Consume a lot of content
  • Learn and practice SEO
  • Showcase your work on social media
  • Write, Write and Write

Hope these steps would help you in your writing journey.