How to Wake up Early in the Morning?

5 ways to help you cultivate the habit of waking up early in the morning

Morning time is most quiet and productive time of the day. Things done in early mornings stays long with us. It is perfect time for doing creative things like writing, music, and any other arts which requires deep focus. Though getting up early is difficult for many of us, it is the time when you get sound sleep and coming out of bed is next to impossible sometime. So here are few things which I tried and worked for me.

Early Morning
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Sleep early, Sleep properly

It really depends on what time you want to wake up in the morning and how much sleep you need. Some people are good with 7 hours, some with 6 and Some are good with even less than that. So, if you want to wake up at 5 am, you must sleep at 10 pm the previous day. It is not advised to cut your sleeping hours and try to wake up early. You must have proper sleep, else the whole day you will feel dizzy and would not be able to focus on anything. I have seen that if my 7-hour sleep is done, I can wake easily at any time. So, if someday I am sleeping at 9 pm, next day I will automatically wake up at 4 am without any alarm.

Have some motivation/routine

It is important to have an exciting and motivating plan or routine after you wake up early. If there is nothing which excites you, you will not be able to have it as habit. You may do it for some days but then you would go back to your old routine. So, I usually write early in the morning and writing is something which excites me every day to wake up early.

Eat Light and Early

Have light dinner and have it early the previous day. Keep a few hours of gap between dinner and sleeping time. It would help in digest food properly, and you would somewhat feel light and would not like to oversleep.

Plan your Day –

Each day before you go to sleep, plan things you want to do next day. Make a list of to-do things and try to keep your schedule in such a way that you don’t stretch till late evenings. You finish your dinner on time and go to bed early. If things are planned for late evenings, either you will finish dinner in hurry burry or you would have very less gap between your dinner and sleeping time. So, it’s crucial that you plan things properly and not end up struggling to follow habits of timely dinner and sleeping on time.

Create Right Environment

Having a right environment plays an important role in forming some habit. It is something like you do lot of things to follow good habits in your daily routine, but your environment is not supporting you. For example, you want to wake up early in the morning, but you sleep late in the night, watch YouTube videos, movies, social media etc., and you end up waking late only. Eventually you will break this habit some or other day. Instead decide a dedicated time, may be sometime in the afternoon, where you can do these activities, and you can continue the habit of waking up early without any obstacles. You can think of other scenarios which diverts you from waking up early.

Apart from above points, I think doing some physical exercise daily and read something good before going to sleep will help you in getting good sleep and you would not oversleep. Hope these ideas help you to cultivate the good habit of waking up early and make yourself more productive.