How to Make Your Content Reliable and Engaging

Truth and Honesty are two important elements to make your audience hooked to your content

Recently saw an interview of writer and comedian Zakir Khan. He mentioned a very good point about creating good engaging content. He said that in this era of internet, it is not the battle of getting popular, this is a battle of getting remembered which is very difficult in today’s time when every kind of content is available in abundance on internet. People have short memory to remember things on internet until unless the content is extremely good.

So, the bigger question is how to create that unique and good content. How to make sure that people remember you and your content. I think as an audience/reader I would love the watch and read the content which is based on real life, not some theory or bookish thing. Something which somebody has experienced and not narrating something read and watched. So, this being real and natural matters a lot. It is something like being yourself and not trying to copy someone.

Truth and Honesty
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Over the last few months of my experience with writing, I felt that there is one very much important element which helps you to connect with your readers. This element is truth or honesty. So whatever kind of content you are creating I feel this element matters a lot. People always look for something new, something different. There is lot of content spread across the internet. The bookish and theory kind of content would not make you connect with your reader. They have seen that kind content somewhere else, it’s not new. If It’s not helping them to solve their problem, if it’s not entertaining them then they would not like it and move to next item available on internet.

So, if your story is having the element of truth and honesty, it will better connect with your audience. Basically, it is your experience, you have gone through it, you have lived it. It is something new or unique because it is your story, you are the best person to tell this story and the way you would present it, will make it unique.

There are lot of other things which can make your content look better or rank in search results but those are something like cosmetic things. The important thing is your content. Your content become reliable and engaging when people feel that you are telling their story, which they have gone through, which they have seen in their life. Sometimes it is like you are giving words to their feelings. Sometimes it is just a small fact or point which can make your content reliable. It is like a pinch of salt added to your dish. You are not adding too much of it but making sure that it is there and not missing at all.

So next time when you create some new content and want to engage more and more people through that, try adding some truth, some experience, something which you have gone through, some learning which you got. That would make your content more reliable and engaging.

This trick is helping me, hope this will help you as well. Let me how your experience on this in comments. Thanks.