How to Be Self Disciplined

We always talk about disciplined life, to be successful in life. We teach our kids also to have good habits and have discipline in life. Discipline is something following some system. These are some set of rules which already tried and tested either by our elders or seniors in some org. Over the time, this system proved to be beneficial for everyone and kind of having predictability in the system. Today I am going to talk about how to be self disciplined and get advantages from the system.


Photo by Dave Lowe on Unsplash

There are three ways to be self disciplined.

Follow the rules of any institution/org where you are working

This is about the following the instructions set by an institution or org which you are part of. They would have some set of rules/protocols/processes defined for everyone to follow. These are defined to make sure everyone aligned to the goals and path decided by the org. There is no ambiguity in the process. Things are interconnected with each other to make sure that alignment is there in team members. This will give management predictability about the outcomes.

Follow the instructions

This is about following the instructions given by the superiors. This may be part of rules defined by the org or something decided based on the situation, by people who already been to similar situation in past. These are instructions given by seniors/superiors so that there is no deviations from the goal, or the process defined. This sometimes, people may feel compromising situation, but this is about following your leader.

Time Punctuality

This is about following the time or defined schedule. You may be working with an org or may be some where else, try to follow the time which was decided by the group. For example, reaching to the meeting at given time, trying to complete the assigned work on time. This habit will give credibility to you. People will rely on you. You will be seen as a person who keeps his/her words and deliver on time. Moreover, it will create a good image of you in your circle. So doing things on time is kind of a discipline which will make you an asset in your team/org.

Following above three practices, you can be self disciplined in your life. You would be successful in you professional life. You would become a person who is reliable and people want to work with.