Kid who gave a new life to 10 people

A girl fell from terrace white playing with her cousins. Immediately taken to hospital, but later doctors declared her as brain dead. Her parents decided to keep her memories alive by donating her organs. These organs were given 10 different people. It was like she born to make her life worth by giving a new life to 10 people. I never heard such incident before where someone’s organs were donated to 10 people. Life is precious but it’s worth Only when it is used for wellbeing for others.

I can think of how hard it would be for the kid’s parents to lose her. They took this big decision to keep her memories alive. These 10 people would get a new life, with this kid’s organs. This is very emotional, and heart touching incident. There is lot of negativities around us. There are lot of pessimists, selfish people come across in our day-to-day life. People just don’t think beyond themselves. I am not saying everybody should organ donation, but this incident is a rare example of humanity.

The kid’s parents, in deep sorrow of losing their young kid, took this decision. They thought about others. They had all the freedom and right, not to do so, and nobody would have blamed them for anything, but they thought how they can help other. This incident shows us that humanity is still alive, and people shows empathy and take decisions in hard times also, to help others. Hats off to this kid’s parents.