How to Make Your Learning More Effective

We all know learning new skills or keeping ourselves updated with current trends or technologies is very important. In today’s era, it is very difficult to focus on one thing and learn something completely in depth. Hence, we need to have some ways to make our learning more effective.

I learned this technique from some YouTube videos. It is about how to master any skill and how to make your learning more effective. How to go about 360 degrees and not miss anything. This technique talks about three signs from mathematics. Plus, minus and equals. Let’s see what these signs are representing.


Photo on Unsplash by Wes Hicks

The Three Signs

The first sign, the plus sign (+) denotes that learn from people who know more than you. Learn from experts. Approach people who you think are experts. You may join some courses or classes or training and try to learn from people who have experience in that skill already and can teach you.

The second sign, the minus sign (-) is about teaching the skill or sharing the knowledge with others. Try to teach people who have less or no idea about this skill. Initially, you may not have enough confidence to teach but you are a little ahead of them. In this process, later you will learn what is missing or lacking and need to get more details on it. So, try to find out people who have just started the journey and share your learnings and experiences with them. Teaching is the best way to learn something. It can be through some sessions, articles/blogs, or some online seminar. Just try to share the knowledge. Your learning will get stronger from teaching others, and you will get more confidence.

The third sign, the equal sign (=), talks about being with like-minded people. Learn from your peers. Try to be part of the communities for the same skill or knowledge. Share your learnings or experiences in the community or group, get feedback, and try to improve. Look for new ideas in the community. Experiment with innovative ideas and try learning from other’s experiments also. Learn and grow with a group of like-minded people instead of struggling alone on something.

I am working as a process coach in an organization. Along with that, I have mentors from whom I learn regularly. I teach and train juniors and mid-level professionals about processes and I am part of various communities and groups who regularly meet and discuss challenges and share learnings. I have tried this technique and it works very well for me.

You also try and share your learnings with me. Thanks.