How Your Earning Dependents on the Value You Add

All of us some other time feel that we are earning less than someone. Some people are earning way too much than us, working in same domain, same environment, having same qualifications, same number of years of experience. 

I think how much you would earn would depend on the value you add to your work. From the start of my career, I always used to compare with others and see how much they are earning and how much I am earning. There was always some frustration. It’s not about how long you are there in the field, it is about how much you are contributing. 

Value Add

Photo on Unsplash by Riccardo Annandale

Many times, I saw that people having less experience, people joined later in the company or team, earning more than me. I was always wondering why I was not able to make that much money. I always focused on earning more, instead of making myself more valuable to anyone. Because of the same reason I suffered in switching jobs also.

During my 17 years of professional experience, I attended interviews for multiple companies and failed in multiple rounds. I got rejected in the last round of interviews multiple times. I used to wonder why I got rejected, when everything went well, . Maybe people were looking for something that could add value to their work but did not find it in me. Sometimes felt like it was not my day, so rejected. But now I understand it was not about being lucky someday, it was always about what I was bringing to the table.

Companies pays good to some people, and lessor to others. I have seen similar examples. I feel that those people deserve it. They do something extra or unique that no one else doing, so getting paid more. Some of my colleagues are extraordinary communicators. They make things simple so everyone can understand easily. They look at the bigger picture and give solutions that helps in the longer term. So, they are adding value to the team and other people surrounding them.

Assess Your Value

If you have a feeling that you not paid well, think for a moment that how much value you are adding to the organization. Your salary or compensation would be proportionate to the value you add to the organization. It is quite possible that company is paying good to someone else but not you. All the C-level executives gets, in any organization, paid more than other employees. They add more value by making critical decisions and formulating, and executing the right strategies which help the organization to make profit and do good in the long term.

Assess your current role and responsibilities, see where you can make a difference and add more value. How you can take up more ownership and be proactive. In a nutshell, you must do something which helps your team or organization to do better, to become profitable. Take small steps but add value to your organization. This is the only way to earn more respect and money in the long term.