Poem : Loneliness

In the boundless sea of silence, I’ve known,

A deep emotion, like a heavy stone,

Loneliness, a companion of my own,

A solitary wanderer in the moon’s gentle light,

In the shadowy realm where emotions take flight,

I walk the path, where sorrows alight,

Loneliness, an unwavering, haunting plight,

But within solitude, a subtle grace does reside,

A space for reflection, where truths do confide,

To understand oneself, in quiet I bide,

Loneliness, a mirror reflecting the inside,

So, I’ll Embrace the loneliness that I face,

learn its wisdom, find my inner space,

In the heart of loneliness, I’ll trace,

A spirit’s resilience, a hidden grace,

In the stillness of the night, I tread alone.