Dec 2022 – Winter Vacation Trip – Part #3

29th Dec 2022

As we were kind of tired from night bus journey, we had some rest and decided not to go anywhere in afternoon. It was kind a of lazy day, but we thought to go out. A new foot bridge constructed on Sabarmati River, called Atal Bridge. We heard that it is really beautiful bridge, so we decided to visit this place. Again, we took an auto in the evening around 6 pm and reached there at around 6.45 pm. This bridge having various colorful lights, so it looks beautiful in nighttime only.

Photo by Author

There was some entry ticket. There was not so much rush as it was a working day, still good number of people were there. I stood in queue, purchased the tickets, and then went to the bridge. This bridge is around 20-30 feet wide and having colorful lights across the bridge. These lights were in reflecting the in the river water and making it more beautiful. A few eatery shops were also there as it was a foot bridge only. No vehicles allowed. So could see lot of people clicking photos and selfies.

Fortunately, weather was also pleasant, so the view of bridge and river became more enjoyable. We sat there for some time and returned home around 9 pm. I was happy as I could visit some place today also. After coming home, I booked ticket for Pali for next day i.e., 30th Dec.

30th Dec 2022

Morning everyone woke up late only. Mornings were little cold in Ahmedabad, but days used to sunny and comparatively hot. We decided to go to one more place. It was nearby only and very famous ancient place. This place is call Adalaj ki Vaav or Adalaj Stepwell. It is near to Gandhinagar. It was built in year 1498. This place is basically a bawri or a place to store water. This is constructed little down from ground level and having provision to go down with the help steps. This place is a beautiful example old architecture and culture of ancient India. The carvings done on walls and pillars make this place so beautiful. Though this place is accessible till some area only to visitors, but the artwork is kind of unique. We spent some time enjoying beauty of this place and returned home.

After retuning, family had plans to go out for shopping and I was alone at home. It was afternoon around 2.30 pm, so I thought let me also explore some place. I decided to go to Sabarmati Ashram. Here also booked an auto and travelled alone to Sabarmati Ashram.  This was a century old place set up Gandhi ji, near Sabarmati riverbank. This place is now a museum and photo gallery related to Gandhi ji and freedom movement.

So, this place was divided in small parts like, one part was photo Gallery, there were old cottages kind of where Gandhi ji, Kasturba and other pupil used to live. Then there was a small book shop having literature related to Gandhi ji. Also, there was a small Khadi clothes shop.  I purchased some books from bookshop. It is a small place so did not take much time for me, so in 30-40 mins, I finished the tour of this place. Then decided to return.

After coming back, started packing for next journey, to Pali, Rajasthan. We had bus around 10 pm. Reached bus stand around 9.45 pm, and bus finally came at around 10.30 pm. It was a sleeper as this was going to overnight journey. We started around 10.40 pm. Till 11.30 pm, we were in Ahmedabad city only. Then started feeling sleepy, hence set our seats, and slept.  

31st Dec 2022 – 1st Jan 2023

It was 31st Dec, Saturday. We reached Pali around 6.30 in the morning. We were here for next 2 days. It was more of a family meeting trip, so not much in terms of exploring any place. My wife just met with family and friends, enjoyed local food. There is a famous sweet dish, ‘Gulab Halwa’ from this place, along with snacks like Mirchi Vada. So, both days enjoyed these dishes. On 31st night, at my brother-in-law’s place, we cut a small cake to celebrate new year. And the day was over.

Next day, on 1st Jan, we started for Nathdwara, where my younger brother was posted. Our plan was to be there till 5th Jan and then return to Ahmedabad from there only.

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