Short Story : The Home Coming..

I was looking out of window, seeing my parents going out of children’s home. My parents came to meet me after 2 years. These two years were like twenty years for me. Not a single time, my parents called or came to meet me. They were angry with me, as I chose my boyfriend Rakesh instead of them.

Home Coming

Photo by Janosch Lino on Unsplash

This incident was two years back. I just completed her 10th std exam and it was summer vacations going on. Evening time I used to go to terrace and sit there for some time. Afternoons used to be very hot and could not come out of the home. Evening it used to be little pleasant. Cold breeze used to be there. So going and sitting on terrace was kind of good experience.

Next to our home, there used to live a family. They were staying there for a long time and had very good relations with us. Rakesh was younger son of this family. His elder brother, Dinesh was in12th Std and Rakesh was also in 10th std. Both used to come to our home. Their parents were both working. Father used to work in a Bank and mother was a teacher. Evening time Rakesh also used to come to terrace. Gradually we became close friends. When this friendship turned in love, we both did not realize. We both knew that our parents would not agree for this relationship, so one day we decided to run away from home. We did not know where would go, what we would do after running from. There was only one thought we had that we wanted to live together.

One day early morning, when everyone was in deep sleep, we ran away. Rakesh arranged a motorcycle and came to pick me. I took some clothes and some money along me and went ahead with him. We went to nearby railway station and boarded a train to Bangalore. Rakesh’s uncle was staying there, and his cousin knew about this, so he offered to help us. We reached Bangalore by evening and Rakesh’s cousin took us to one of his friends home, whose parent were out of station. This was our stay arrangement for 2-3 days. We did not have any clue, what to do next.

Here in Hyderabad, my parents and Rakesh’s parents started searching us. They lodged a police complaint also. Police started to search for us. They informed all district borders, circulated our photos to find us. Somehow, they got to know that we boarded train for Bangalore. Rakesh’s father understood that he would have gone to his brother’s place. Rakesh’s father called his brother and enquired about us. But he had no clue about us. He suspected his son might be knowing about us. He started questing him and pressurized him to tell our location. Rakesh’s cousin finally surrendered to his father’s pressure. He told about our location. Rakesh’s uncle and informed his father and he informed police. Police team came to Bangalore to take us.

Next day police brought us back to Hyderabad. Police called my parents and wanted to handover me to my parents. My parents very angry as I ran away with a boy and did not tell them anything. They refused to take me back. I was shocked and broken. My wish was just to be with the person to whom I loved so much. I could not live with him, now my parents were also not accepting me. Authorities sent me children’s home. In few days everything changed for me. New place, new people, and lot of sorrow.  I was not understanding what I will do next. This children’s home got me admitted to a nearby school. I started going to school, but I always used to miss my parents. Somewhere the guilty feeling was also there.

My parent never contacted me. I tried to meet them, but they refused. I was only in touch with my uncle, my mother’s younger brother. Sometimes he used to come to meet me. But apart from him nobody came to meet me anytime.

Time flew away, I wrote 12th exam this year. I scored 95% and got first rank in my class. I was so happy. After a longtime, this was a moment I felt I was so happy. I wanted to share this achievement with my parents. I wanted to see them happy and feel proud of me. But how to tell them, they just did not want to see my face. I called my uncle and informed him about my result. He was very happy to hear this news.

After few days, I was in my room and got a call from our children’s home supervisor that somebody came to meet me. I thought my uncle would have come. He would have brought some sweets and clothes as he used to bring. I went to the reception and got surprised. My parents were sitting there. I could not move for a moment. I could believe what I was seeing. My parents were here finally. I started crying loudly. This is something unexpected for me. My mother consoled me. My father and mother both were crying. We came to my room. I was still crying. I still could not believe that my parents are here to meet.

We sat there chatting for some time. They got to know about my result from my uncle. They were so happy and felt proud, so finally they decided to meet me and congratulate me. As I was the younger one, they had too much affection for me, hence it was difficult for them accept that I could run away with someone.

Last 2 years were difficult for them also, but due to social pressure they were not able to contact me. There was always a thought what people would say if we accepted her back. But after knowing about my result, they could not stop themselves. So, they decided to me and take me back home.

I was so happy to see them here, but I was not sure what to do. I was here for last 2 years; I made some good friends here and people were very nice to me. So, I was in dilemma. Finally, I decided to go back home, but I told my parents that I would like to stay here for some days. It would not be good to suddenly leave this place. So, I told them that I would come later. Finally, the day came when my parents were here to take me back home. I felt it was not just I topped the class, today I was on cloud nine and got all the happiness of the world.