The Power of Purpose

Purpose can drive you towards your goals..

People say practice makes a man perfect or to acquire a new skill or to master a craft would require lots of practice. You need to repeat the same action, the same habit every day until it becomes your second nature, until it starts happening automatically for you. So until the time you need to keep practicing, keep repeating the same actions. Is it that easy to repeat some action every day? Do you have the same excitement you had on day 1 or day 2? I don’t think so. Do you have the purpose with you?


Photo by Mark Fletcher-Brown on Unsplash

After a particular point, it’s not as enjoyable as it was in the start, it start getting boring. Repeating same actions, similar way is not easy. It requires lots of patience, lot of motivation. From where to get this motivation? How to be consistent? How to get going when going gets difficult.


I think the motivation comes from the purpose to start the habit or the practice. It is something like doing exercise every day; the purpose is to keep ourselves healthy. Or to write every day and the purpose may be to tell the stories to the world or may be just to express ourselves. Until unless the purpose is not there, the consistency would not come.


Basically there are two kinds of desires or voices would come inside us. One would tempt you to quit and get rid of the boredom. Other would hold you and ask you to have patience and continue with the habit or practice. It is up to you which voice you would listen and act accordingly. We need to make a choice here, which way to go. It is just the struggle between these two desires, which one wins would depend on the strength of the desire or voice.

Winning with Purpose

To win in this struggle, what we need to do is to strengthen the desire to continue the habit or practice with the power of purpose. We need to keep reminding ourselves the purpose behind the habit or practice. With continues reminder, we need to boost or fuel the desire to continue, then only this desire would win the struggle and would lead us to mastering any skill or craft and open the doors of opportunities.