Calling Instructions from A Friend

Recently one of my friends posted instructions to call him on WhatsApp status. He mentioned a 15-pointer list of dos and don’ts. I did not see such a comprehensive ‘List’ of instructions anywhere before. I understand that people get irritated with multiple unnecessary calls but putting the calling instructions on WhatsApp status was something different. So, without any further delay, let me put all the 15 Instructions for you to read. May be something you may also feel familiar with.

Calling Instructions

Photo on Unsplash by Elena Koycheva

List of Calling Instructions –

1. Don’t call me unnecessarily.

2. Call me when it is very urgent.

3. If things can get done through WA message only, don’t call.

4. Don’t call me after doing some WA message asking please see the message. I check WA messages regularly, so please be assured that I will check sometime.

5. Don’t do WA Calls or video calls.

6. Don’t even think of doing group calling. Better you come to my home and we all can talk here only.

7. Don’t call me before morning 10.30.

8. Don’t call me between 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm, it’s my lunchtime.

9. Instead of calling in the early morning, call me the night before and tell me your problem.

10. Don’t start the call with Good Morning/Evening or Namaste kind of greetings, don’t waste time on this. Directly come to the point.

11. If a call waiting is coming, then don’t call continually like idiots.

12. If I am not picking up your call, then I am busy doing something more important than your call.

13. Your calling may be free, but my time and health are very important to me.

14. I have a lot of important things to do in my life than receiving phone calls, please let me save some time to do those things.

15. After reading all the above instructions, if you still feel there is a need to call, please call me anytime.

Hope there are some instructions you also would have felt relevant. In India, it is quite common to receive multiple marketing calls throughout the day. These calls are very irritating. Now there are a few apps that will tell whether it is a marketing call or if this person calling you is not from any company and you can receive it. I have seen some people don’t receive calls from unknown numbers. These are common concerns these days with the increased use of mobile phones. We should be a little more empathetic while calling someone, respecting their time and preferences. Maybe take a tip from the above instructions 😊