Three Important Cs of Content Creation

I have been on a content creation journey for some time. Recently watched a podcast of one of the famous Indian content creators. He mentioned 3 Cs of content creation. I like these 3 Cs. I am trying to implement these in my content creation. It is more useful when you are starting your content creation journey. So here are 3 Cs of content creation Copy, Curate, and Create.

When you are new and just starting your content creation journey you should Copy (60%), Curate (30%), and create (10%), as you progress this ratio should completely change. 

Content Creation

Photo on Unsplash by Malte Helmhold

  1. Copy is consuming somebody else’s content and modifying it for your audience or presenting it in your own way. Sometimes it may be copying from one format to another. Like you create YouTube videos. You can start by picking some blogs or articles or reading something somewhere and creating a video on that in your style and publishing it on YouTube. It goes vice versa also. So, you are copying the content as it is, but changing the format. Another way can be to pick content from outside your country and create it in your native language with your flavor. Till the time you master the art, try using this technique to create content. It should be 60% of your total content i.e. most of the content should come from copying.
  2. Curation is gathering information from multiple sources and presenting it to people to make it easy for them. You save their time going to multiple places and getting the same information. So, you are making their job easy by consolidating the information in a single place. You are bringing relative information together and giving your audience a holistic picture of something. An example can be creating a video on different formats of content creation, so you would talk about YouTube, blogging, social media platforms, etc. This video can help people who want to start content creation but are not sure which platform or format would be good for that. You give them a comprehensive comparison of different platforms or formats.
  3. Creation is talking about your own experiences, and your learnings, which is a very difficult part. This is more about using your creativity and trying to create some different content. This would require you to be in different situations or do some experiments and share your experiences. You may be creating a blog on some tourist places. If you curate, you will go through multiple articles or videos and try to get various information on that place. But when you create, you may share your actual trip information. This would be something you have firsthand information. Another example can be creating a vlog about some place and showing how exactly visiting this place would be.

As you grow and get some experience in content creation you may change or tilt this ratio. Slowly you will master the art of content creation and you can experiment with your content. Initially, you may be struggling with content and the skill to create and present the content. Once you are an expert in the content creation process, you will have the freedom to experiment and bring in your creative juices. Hope these 3 Cs will help you in your content creation journey.