Distractions: How to handle them

What are your distractions?

With the rapid changes and advancements in technologies, we all are using lots of gadgets and devices to help us in saving time, becoming more efficient and productive. We all are surrounded, 24X7, by latest smart phones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, and many other devices. I used to spend lot of time watching emails, videos, text, reels, short and many more things on social media. Whenever some notification comes, I used to get distracted. In every few minutes, I used to see my mobile screen to check if there was a notification. This is basically called FOMO (Fear of missing out). Though with the nature of my work, there were not emails used to come throughout the day, but still kind of became a habit to check work and personal email frequently.  

How do you cope with them?

How do you remain focused on what really matters?

How do you find meaning in life and move forward on a straight path?