My Observations After Writing for a Year…

I would like to share my learnings and observations about writing I had so far..

I started writing around Jan 2021. Usually write here on Medium. I have my own blog also I have not much published here. So far one good habit I have developed is writing every day. I usually write journal or daily diary where I write my day-to- day activities. Through this journal writing only, I got some ideas and published on my blog and Medium.

I have below observations from my writing experience so far which I want to share here.

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#1 Read before you write, be a voracious reader

Reading is very important before you write good content. It’s like filling before you could spill. So, if you don’t fill first, there is nothing to spill. Spend good time on reading and there would be moment when you feel like writing. This would be time when it would be natural and effortless. It would just happen and trust me this would be best content as it is coming from within.

#2 Writing is a healing process, it will make you lighter

Many times, I had this feeling that I feel much lighter after I write. There is some relaxation, some peace of mind. The moment it comes out on paper, it feels like somebody removed a heavy burden from my mind. It is like I have passed on my worries and anxiety to somebody else and now I am in much better state to think clearly. So, it clears the clouds in mind and gives better clarity of thoughts.

#3 Two kind of writings, writing for yourself and writing for somebody else

I feel there are two kinds of writing. One which we write for ourselves. That usually happens for as free flow writing. Here you would not worry about spelling, grammar, or anything else. You pick a pen and paper and start writing, and don’t stop until you feel kind of exhausted of thoughts. Here everything comes in the flow, without any pause for thinking. This is something very personal and you can’t share it anybody.

Other kind of writing is for somebody else. It may be like content writing or some other form of writing, but it has some business purpose. So, you get some topic, you do your research on that, write some draft, edit, somebody may review and then you may rewrite and submit again. Your content would go through this whole process before it gets published. Here the topic may be of your interest or may not be. It all depends for whom you are writing.

#4 Writing gives absolute clarity of thoughts

As I touched upon this in one of the above points, still want to emphasize it as sometimes it becomes absolute stress buster and clears up mind like anything. Sometimes, it is like you are looking at the whole situation as a third person, get to know where you are standing and what all opportunities available for you, so you get better perspective of everything. Hence you would be in better situation to decide further course of actions.

5# Write daily, publish frequently

Writing daily is good, publishing daily becomes sometimes tiresome task. To publish, you would write, draft, review, edit and then publish. This whole process would take good amount of time. I have a journal where I write daily, without fail, each morning. But to publish, I do it in every few weeks which I feel is fine to start with. Don’t stress out yourself for publishing daily, it may break the rhythm of writing daily. May be decide a day in a week and publish on that specific day only.

To start with, be consistent in writing, not in publishing. Get yourself comfortable with writing first and then think of publishing.

Hope these observations would help you. Please let me know your thoughts in comments.

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  1. Great observations! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you said “pick up a pen and paper,” because that’s exactly how I write. In my case pencil and legal pad. My wife is my first reader and pushes me to write every day because she wants to read. (Great encouragement!) I need to read more though, thanks for that!
    Best regards!

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